For this immense responsibility, the city of Oakville authorized the company WeDoes Communication which is a communications and advertising agency with extensive experience in the management of digital and traditional communication strategies that also has extensive experience in the logistical and strategic development of large platform  events in different large concerts in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. 

A few facts

-    The Oakville Latino festival will celebrate July 26, 27 & 28 at the exclusive Bronte Heritage waterfront park Oakville On, 2340 Ontario St., Oakville.

-    The park is frequented on a summer weekend by about 7,000 people who come freely to walk through the area. With the festival, we are looking to double our exhibitors' success in their business dealings. 

-    According to figures from the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Latin America is the favorite place for Canadians to go on vacation. We want to project that Latin spirit to make our visitors feel like they are in a true Latin party. 

-    Oakville is one of the most exclusive cities in the province and is highly recognized for its glamour and style. Undoubtedly a perfect audience for your brand.  

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