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Business Information

Are you artisant, crafter, painter or do you do any kind of art expression?  Oakville Latino Festival is the perfect platform to upgrade your brand, make sales, create a bigger community and show your products with more than 7000 people per day. 
Complete this easy form and immediately you will be part of the crew.  Limited spots.



In the city of Oakville will take place the event OAKVILLE LATINO FESTIVAL. This event will be regulated under this participation agreement, which it acts as a contract.

Friday July 26 from 12m to 10pm
Saturday July 27 from 10am to 11:00 pm
Sunday July 28 from 10am to 10:00 pm

Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park, Oakville, ON 2340 Ontario St


Companies, Private Enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, private and government sector interested in promoting its brand and image, building community relations and contributing to the success of our event.


Space is limited, and reservations are accepted only with 100% payment with the application form and all the requirements according with the Mandatory information

IMPORTANT: Is mandatory complying with the schedule set-up. Is not allowed to start the set-up and tear-down in different times.


Friday July 26 from 8am to 11:00 am 
Sunday, July 28, since 8:00 p.m. until 11pm


  1. Requests will be formalized exclusively through the presentation of the Artisan and crafter Application Form and directly with WeDoes Communication.
  2. 100% PAYMENT must be included in the application form for an Artisan and crafter to be considered.
  3. The vendor will donate a product to do a raffle promotion on the stage among the festival participants.
  4. Cancellations up to and including Sunday, June 23 2024 will receive 80% of fees. 20% are administration fee, not refunded.   
  5. Cancellations after Sunday, June 23 2024 will be NOT refunded
  6. All the artisan and crafter offered for sale during the festival must be the same art and crafter included on the Artisan and crafter Application Form.
  7. All Artisan and crafters agree to indemnify, defend, and hold the Oakville Latino Festival and WeDoes Communication harmless against any third-party claims arising from the event, excluding any negligence on the part of the Oakville Latino Festival and WeDoes Communication.
  8. Oakville Latino Festival and WeDoes Communication assumes no liability with respect to any property, of any kind, placed upon the premises by the Artisan and crafters.
  9. The Artisan and crafter is responsible for ensuring that all rental equipment is returned 1 hour after event close in the same condition in which it was received notwithstanding REASONABLE wear and tear and further agrees to accept any and all charges to restore equipment to its original condition; also assumes responsibility for any rented equipment that is DAMAGED during the rental period at an additional cost to cover repair(s) to the items(s) that will be determined at the discretion of Oakville Latino Festival and WeDoes Communication.
  10. Oakville Latino Festival and WeDoes Communication are not responsible for accidents or stolen items from any event’s Artisan and crafters.
  11. Oakville Latino Festival and WeDoes Communication are not responsible for Artisan and crafters products left over night.
  12. The Artisan and crafters shall be responsible for removing all equipment’s, displays, advertising materials and the like erected or placed on the premises immediately at the close of the festival.
  13. Oakville Latino Festival and WeDoes Communication will take photos during the festival to use for promotional purposes. If you sign this contract, you automatically agree to allow Oakville Latino Festival and WeDoes Communication to use OAKVILLE LATINO FESTIVAL photos for this purpose and forfeit the right to legal actions against the Oakville Latino Festival and WeDoes Communication or its members.
  14. All Artisan and crafters must have their own liability insurance, Oakville Latino Festival and WeDoes Communication are NOT responsible for any event of injury, damage, accident or death that may occur to any member of the group during the event.
  15. Rain or no rain the event will take place. No money refund will be issued in case of rain.
  16. This is an institutional contract. It is not transferable.

The Artisan and crafters are prohibited from the followings acts and behaviours:

  1. Transfer the booth partially or totally.
  2. Sell/distribute or promote any product/service from other company or business.
  3. Sell/distribute any drink alcohol or beverages.
  4. Distribute advertising from other companies.
  5. The Artisan and crafters are not allowed to weld, stick, paint or cause any damage of the venue.
  6. Try to attract the public’s attention by using loudspeakers or sound equipment’s, creating general discomfort.


  1. Vendors must follow all instructions from City staff. They must cease vending operation if requested.
  2. Vendors are responsible for their assigned space. They must dispose of the waste that they generate in a timely manner throughout the event, and following the event, their space must be
  3. left clean and free from all garbage and debris. Waste must be disposed of in the dumpsters. They must use the recycling dumpster only for recycling.
  4. Vendor vehicles are not permitted to drive on the venue unless authorized by City personnel.
  5. Vehicles entering the venue may only drive on City Centre Drive and the east side of the market trellis.
  6. The maximum driving speed on the venue and routes is 10 km/hr.
  7. Vendor vehicles are allowed onsite for load in and load out only. PARKING IS NOT ALLOWED ON SITE DURING THE EVENT.
  8. All tents must be a maximum size of 10x10, unless otherwise approved by the organizer; they must be anchored by weights.
  9. Staking in the turf is strictly prohibited.
  10. Electrical access is could be available just in emergency case. If requested in advance with specifications. All electrical appliances must display a sticker indicating proof of inspection by the Electrical Standards Association (ESA) or the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).
  11. Solicitation is prohibited on City property (Advertising Policy 03-09-01); all sales must be made from the assigned area only.
  12. Vendors must abide by all provincial health regulations including service and storage of food and beverage products. They must ensure all food personnel operate in a sanitary manner fulfilling their obligation to protect the health of event attendees.
  13. Vendors must comply with the City’s Respectful Workplace Policy (01-03-04): employees, elected officials, citizens and volunteers acting on behalf of the City of Oakville are entitled to a Respectful Workplace. No form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying will be tolerated.
  14. A fire extinguisher is required for any vendor with flammables
  15. Load out will only commence once clearance has been given to the Event Organizer by the venue.
  16. The fee includes informative and sales tent 10x10 or half according your selection. No chairs, no table no electricity, no water.  

*In representation of the company declare to understand the terms and conditions of this contract and accept all rules and regulations of the event. By signing this contract, I hereby acknowledge my understanding and acceptance all rules and regulations of the event.