Food represents who we are.

Our culture, our past, our land, our crops and what we are made of. The flavors mingle and make our hearts beat and our palate enjoy. Be part of our festival and give our visitors a taste of our culture through our culinary secrets. If you would like to participate as a food vendor at Oakville Latino festival, please fill out this application form.

FOOD VENDORS Application Guidelines

Please note that submission of an application does not guarantee a space as a FOOD VENDOR at Oakville Latino Festival.

If selected a Festival Representative will contact, you with further instructions.

1.    Booth spaces and fees are based on a 10' x 10' space. 

2.    Booth reservation confirm at completion of 100% payment with the application form. 

3.    Booth spaces are limited and placement is at the discretion of the Event Representative.

4.    Relocating/sub-contracting of confirmed booth space(s) is strictly prohibited. 

5.    Booths to Food Vendors will be supplied with one (1) TENT 10' x 10'.

6.    Booths must be staffed during the operating hours of the festival.

7.    Selling or soliciting food/products from outside the booth space is strictly prohibited.

8.    Only items listed on the Food Vendors Confirmation Form can be sold and/or sampled unless otherwise approved other items.

9.    All Food Vendors agree to indemnify, defend, and hold the festival, Oakville Latino Festival and their staff, harmless against any third party claims arising from the event, excluding any negligence on the part of the Oakville Latino Festival. 

10.    The Food Vendors is responsible for ensuring that all rental equipment (TENT 10X10) is returned 1 hour after event close in the same condition in which it was received not withstanding REASONABLE wear and tear and further agrees to accept any and all charges to restore equipment to its original condition; also assumes responsibility for any rented equipment that is DAMAGED during the rental period at an additional cost to cover repair(s) to the items(s) that will be determined at the discretion of the Festival.

11.    The Festival are not responsible for accidents or stolen items from any event’s Food Vendors and for product’s Food Vendors left over night

12.    The Food Vendors shall be responsible for removing all equipment, displays, advertising materials and the like erected or placed on the premises immediately at the close of the festival. 

13.    The festival will take photos during the festival to use for promotional purposes. If you sign our contract, you automatically agree to allow Oakville Latino Festival  photos for this purpose, and forfeit the right to legal actions against the organization, the festival or its members. 

14.    All Food Vendors must have their own liability insurance; the Oakville Latino Festival are NOT responsible for any event of injury, damage, accident or death that may occur to any member of the group during the event. 

15.    There will be no refund of payment for participants that do not attend the festival or event. Refunds will be issued only in extreme circumstances as deemed by Event Services staff. A service fee will apply to any refunds. 

16.    Rain or no rain the event will take place. No money refund will be issued in case of rain.

17.    No alcoholic beverages, sodas and water may be sold, unless otherwise approved. 

18.    Requests will be formalized exclusively through the presentation of the Food Vendors Application Form and directly with Oakville Latino Festival.
19.    This is an institutional contract. It is not transferable.