Do you want to expose your talent and creativity? This is your great opportunity to shine and make your art known. Oakville Latino Festival welcomes you so that all visitors can enjoy all your creativity.

If you are a singer, dancer, solo singer, orchestra, band, folkloric groups, theater, dance or anything considered art, it's time to sign up and let the art that runs through your veins be known by the whole world.

If you want to be part of our artistic team, sign up in our application form and we will contact you soon.

One file only.
50 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png.


The participating must comply with the following rules and regulations:

Any artist wishing to participate in OAKVILLE LATINO FESTIVAL must fill out the “Performer Application Form 2024” for the selection process.

All applications form MUST be completed, signed and send before JULY 1st, 2024.  

ONLY the artists who have submitted all the required requirements in the application will be studied.

Artists selected will be notified by phone and e-mail 30 days before the event to confirm their participation and to sign the contract.

The selection of the artist will be according to the artistic trajectory and the budget of the festival.

Performances dances and sole artist MUST be between 15 and 30 minutes maximum; performances Bands/orchestras maximum 1 ½ Hour.

Organizations/Performers are encouraged to perform more than once but on different days and with different costumes.

Every effort will be made to accommodate requested dates and time blocks for performances.

Children's groups will be programmed no later than 4:00 pm. 
Groups and artists must be on-site at least (2) TWO hours prior to performance. Upon arrival must report to the Stage Manager. The artist/performer that arrives late for their presentation is at risks your participation is canceled without any payment.

Recorded music must be on CD or USB only. Performers must always bring a backup CD of performance material.

All CDs must be clearly labeled with your group name, and handed to the Stage Manager or Technical Director prior to the performance.

OAKVILLE LATINO FESTIVAL and WeDoes Communication are not responsible for lost, forgotten or damaged CDs, customs or equipment.

A professional MC will introduce your group/performance. Individuals from your group, organization, or company will NOT be permitted to make verbal presentations on stage.

For dancing performers, costume changes are welcome but must be incorporated, without interruption, into your 15 to 15-minute show. Costume changes that require brief or extended time limits must be clearly identified in the application form. Otherwise, the organizer’s event reserves the right to delay or cancel your show.

We will not allow anyone from your group to make announcements about advertising from others companies, events, shows or people on stage/event.

Organizations/Performers must have performer passes to enter the stage area. Please make sure all performers in your group have their passes. Performers without passes will not be allowed on the site.  Performers' passes cannot be distributed to parents, relatives or friends of dance performers.

OAKVILLE LATINO FESTIVAL will take photos, videos and interviews during the festival to use for promotional purposes. If you are selected to perform, and accept to participate in the festival, you are agreeing to allow the festival to use photos for this purpose and forfeit the right to legal actions against the OAKVILLE LATINO FESTIVAL, WeDoes Communication, or its members.

The payment will be by check the day of the event on behalf of the artist or company to appear in the contract. If the Festival or the presentation will be Cancel for force majeure (e.g.: inclement weather), only the 30% of the agreed value will be paid to the performer.

All groups/organizations/performers must have their own liability insurance; OAKVILLE LATINO FESTIVAL, WeDoes Communication are NOT responsible for any event of injury, damage, accident or death that may occur to any member of the group during the event.

By signing this contract, you hereby acknowledge, understanding and acceptance all of Rules and Regulation of the event. _______________________________________________ have read and fully understand and further agree to abide by the rules and regulations established for the OAKVILLE LATINO FESTIVAL.