Volunteers are an essential part of the development and success of the festival.  Oakville Latino Festival wishes to have a team of volunteers who are the head of the festival, creating, helping, accompanying and supporting all our visitors. 

The experience, commitment and responsibility is our duty with each of our visitors and exhibitors and you are part of that process.
If you want to be part of our team of volunteers and live a great experience helping others, fill out this application form.

Terms and conditions

Volunteers are the runners and floaters of the festival. This role is key to ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes at the Oakville Latino Festival. A-Team responsibilities are constantly changing.

Common tasks include:

1. taking supplies to the festival gates, replenishing stock at the souvenir sales booths, and making sure all the volunteer teams have water at their stations. Note: A-team volunteers are also responsible for filling in for other positions when we are short on volunteers (ex: Gate Ambassador).

Gate Ambassadors welcome patrons to the Oakville Latino Festival.  The Gate Ambassador role is a key volunteer position and it makes up the largest volunteer team.

Festival Guides provide information and directions to guests while ensuring that everyone has the best festival experience possible. Guides will be stationed at information stations or roaming throughout the festival to provide friendly assistance.

Accessibility Support volunteers help improve accessibility for all of our festival patrons. Volunteers on the accessibility team are stationed at the Oakville Latino Festival Access Tents or at one of the accessible stages around the festival. They ensure that individuals who need help with accessibility have the support they need to have a great festival experience. Common tasks include: helping those with mobility issues travel through the crowd to the accessible stages and informing people about our accessible initiatives.

Performer Assistants work with the entertainment team to make sure performances run smoothly. Performer Assistants are stationed at the various stages and music pitches throughout the festival and are responsible for supervising their area, notifying sound technicians about sound issues, aiding performers to set up, and handling other issues.

HQ assistants help with the volunteer sign-in/out process, inputting volunteer hours into the database, and keeping headquarters tidy and organized. Any Questions? Contact manager@oakvillelatinofestival.com 

Help to raise awareness and drive people to the festival. Must provide examples and submit their work to email: manager@oakvillelatinofestival.com